Shortcut Keys List For Google Chrome

30th, December 2013 By

Google Chrome are widely used web browser now days.There are lot of shortcuts in Google chrome which make our work fast. Here is the list of short cuts for Google chrome.

There are list of Google Chrome Windows shortcuts keys:-

Shortcut Keys Description
Ctrl+D Saves your current webpage as a bookmark
Ctrl+F Opens the find bar
Opens the Downloads page
Ctrl+N Opens a new window
Opens a new tab
Prints your current page
Opens the source of your current page
Closes the current tab
Shift+click Link
Opens the link in a new window
Switches to the last tab
Alt + Home
Opens your homepage in your current window
Switches to the next tab
Closes the current window
Reloads your current page
F6 Highlights the URL in the address bar
Opens your page in full-screen mode
Ctrl + F4
Closes the current tab
Ctrl + F
Opens the find bar
Ctrl + Shift + T
Reopens the last tab closed
Ctrl + Shift + N
Opens a new window in incognito mode
Shift + Esc
Opens the Task Manager
Ctrl + Shift + J
Opens Developer Tools
Ctrl + 0
Returns everything on the page to normal size

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