Shortcut Keys List For Mozilla Firebox

30th, December 2013 By

There are list of Mozilla Firebox Windows shortcuts keys:-

Shortcut Keys Description
Ctrl+D Saves your current webpage as a bookmark
Ctrl+I Display available bookmarks
Opens the Downloads page
Move the cursor to the search box
Ctrl+N Opens a new window
Opens a new tab
Prints your current page
Opens the source of your current page
Closes the current tab
Shift+click Link
Opens the link in a new window
Refresh the current page
Alt + Home
Opens your homepage in your current window
Switches to the next tab
Alt+Left Arrow
Back a page
Alt + Right Arrow
Forward a page
F6 Highlights the URL in the address bar
Opens your page in full-screen mode
Ctrl + F4
Closes the current tab
Ctrl + F
Opens the find bar
Ctrl + Shift + T
Reopens the last tab closed
Ctrl + Shift + N
Opens a new window in incognito mode
Shift + Esc
Opens the Task Manager
Ctrl + Shift + J
Opens Developer Tools
Ctrl + 0
Returns everything on the page to normal size
Stop page or download from loading
Ctrl + Enter
Quickly complete an address
Ctrl + Shift + Delete
Open the Clear Data window to quickly clear private data
Alt + Down Arrow
Display all previous text entered in a text box and available options on drop down menu
Shift + Spacebar
Moves up a page at a time
Moves down a page at a time

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