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What is mobile and what is its history

we all know that What is Mobile (What is Mobile Phone in Hindi), If your mobile is taken from you and it is told that you have to live without mobile for 1 year, then what will be your reaction? Yes you will say that you cannot live without mobile. Same is the case with everyone. It has become a very important part of life for everyone. but do you know that What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile (Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones in Hindi), We will also discuss these things further in this post.

There used to be a time when we had to convey our message to another place, we used to send a letter written at the feet of a pigeon. After that, as the age increased, the postman started doing this work. But still it used to take a long time for our message to go through. But talking about a few years back, at that time only the telephone had come, which only some people had, that too was not wireless.

But after the telephone, as soon as the mobile phone was invented and it came into the hands of the people, everything changed completely. Now people did not need to talk from one place by sticking to the telephone. People can talk anywhere while sitting, lying down, walking. Even mobile phones have now turned into smartphones. The way of life of man has changed. In the beginning, it used to happen many times that people used to think that this lonely man is talking to himself alone. But it was nothing less than a miracle. Let us know in a little more detail what is Mobile (What is Mobile Phone in hindi).

What is Mobile – What is Mobile Phone in Hindi

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A mobile phone is a wireless handheld device that allows users to make calls to others and receive incoming calls. Along with this, it also gives the facility to send text messages. In the old mobile phone, there was only facility to make and receive calls, but today mobile phones are given innumerable features like web browser, video music player, camera, games. We also know mobile by many names like Cell phone, Handset Cellular phone, Wireless phone.

By simply dialing the 10 digit number in mobile, we can talk to anyone at any time in the present time, no matter what the distance. It transfers our voice from one place to another at a very high speed in seconds. And we listen to each other’s words. If we talk about only 15 years ago, then only a few people used to have mobile at that time, they were also absolutely basic mobile like Samsung’s. antenna Connected phone and Nokia’s 1100. At that time these phones used to run in the market.

When the first mobile phone came, it was only useful for making and receiving calls. But his size was so big that it was impossible to carry him in his pocket. Shortly after this, the mobile phone which had Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) started being used to send text messages as well. As the time passed, their size got used and the features kept on increasing. Like this one was very famous at that time, maybe you must have also heard about MMS. Which started being used to send photos. Such mobiles used to come with cameras. Whoever had this type of mobile could send photos to the same mobile.

By the way mobile phones in which computer There are similar features that we know today by the name of Smartphone. We call the generally used phone as a feature phone.

How Mobile Phone Works – How does Mobile Phone work

According to an estimate, there will be about 4.8 billion mobile users by 2019. Today everyone understands the importance of mobile phones. It can make us talk to any person in any corner of the world, but have you tried to know how your cell phone works.

Simply put, a mobile phone is a two-way radio. In which there is a transmitter and another receiver radio. When you are doing it with your friend, it converts your voice into electrical signal. After which it is transmitted in the form of radio waves to the nearest cell tower. Now the network of that cell tower sends the radio wave to your friend’s cell phone. It is converted into sound by converting it into an electrical signal. Mobile phone is based on walkie-talkie itself. But it evolves from it. In which the main work is to make and receive calls, but apart from this, there is a separate InternetThere is also multimedia and camera. Smartphones have been developed now that the computer that can do the work, even a smartphone can do almost all that work, except for a few things.

Process of working of Mobile Phone

Let us know a little how this mobile phone works.

Radio Waves

Mobile phones use radio waves to communicate. What we talk transmits those sounds in the form of radio waves, electric and magnetic field, which we call electromagnetic field. Radio waves carry all the data with the speed of light. The radio wave that comes out of the mobile spreads in every direction and while reaching the tower, whatever things are found in the middle, they also absorb or reflect the radio wave.

Let us understand this through an example. When we are talking by putting the mobile in our ear, then the radio waves emf keeps spreading there continuously. Half the radio waves go inside our body and head, in this way most of the emf is wasted in vain. Some mobile phones have only one antenna that performs both transmit and receive functions alone and some mobile phones have separate antennas for all three.


A mobile phone is a device that is a 2 way wireless communication device. That is, it receives and sends signals. The amount of signal that the tower receives is called signal strength. You know this strength very well in your phone. And sometimes it is said in such a way that I have a full tower or sirf is only one tower. The power of the signal decreases with the distance. Due to low signal, you will definitely find that your mobile battery drains very quickly. This happens because the mobile tries hard because of the weak signal to send the signal to the tower. This is the reason why having a good network is also good and the battery also lasts well.


Every cell phone must have an antenna that receives and transmits radio signals. Antenna itself converts the electrical signal into a radio wave and simultaneously converts the radio wave into an electrical signal.

History of Mobile Phone – (History of Mobile Phone in Hindi)

If we talk about when the mobile phone was conceived, then the answer would be that when radio engineering was in its early stages, the foundation for its arrival was laid. Most of us think that we cannot live without mobile even for a moment. Are you also one of those who cannot pass a moment without mobile? It took very little time to spread and now it is in every hand.

Even though a common man has got a mobile phone recently, it started when a patent was issued for wireless mobile in Kentucky, USA in 1908. The mobile phone was invented only in the early 1940s. AT&T engineers made mobile phones for the mobile station. The world’s first mobile phone was not like a mobile phone but a 2-way radio like walkie talkie.

Motorola was the first company in the world to mass-produce mobile phones on 3 April 1973. The mobile of that time is kept in the category of 0G phone which is also called zero technology. Nowadays the era of 4G and 5G mobile is going on. The mobile phone that we are using today was something else in its initial form. By the time it reached us, let us know where it has made changes in the middle.

Milestone in Mobile Phone History – Important Dates of Mobile History

1926 – The first mobile phone service was successfully provided to passengers traveling between Berlin and Hamburg.

1946 – Called for the first time in the car radiotelephone in Chicago.

1956 – Automated mobile phone systems were installed in private vehicles in Sweden. It had a total of 125 users.

1669 – A company named Nordic Mobile Telephon Group was founded.

1973 – Martin Cooper, general manager of Motorola Company, made a public mobile phone call for the first time in any device. Whose weight was 1.1 kg.

1987 – The technical specification for the GSM standard was certified based on digital technology.

1992 – It was started by sending SMS messages for the first time in the United Kingdom.

1999 – Emoji was invented. Its inventor is Shigetaka Kurita of Japan.

2003 – The world adopts the first 3G network connection. Nepal was the country in South Asia that first used 3G. He covered Mount Everest completely with 3G.

2007 – iPhone was launched in the same year.

2008 – The first Android phone is introduced as the T-Mobile G1.

2009 – O2 announced to the public that they have successfully used 4G connections over LTE.

2010 – Samsung launches the first Galaxy S smartphone.

2017 – The old version of the Nokia 3310 was redeveloped and brought back to life. In which the features of camera, web browser, color screen were also given.

Advantages of Mobile Phone – Advantages of Mobile Phone in Hindi

Friends, our life has become a lot easier with the advent of mobile phones. It is like a part of our body without which our work cannot go on. Let us know what are the benefits of mobile phone to us.

  1. Due to mobile phone, we can talk to our relatives at any time. It is not that any specific time has been fixed for this. It is not so, but you can call 24*7 anytime during the day. Earlier the phone was kept in the house due to its large size, but now its size is so small that everyone keeps it in the pocket.
  2. According to the need, we can use countless apps in the mobile phone itself. Whether that app is related to ticket booking. Be it connected to a bank or a web browser or listening to a song, there is an application for everyone.
  3. Internet Before using it, we had to go to the cyber cafe. Or there was a need for a computer but a mobile phone every time since then. Internet Easy to use. in mobile Internet With the advent of 3G and 4G for super speed Internet runs.
  4. If mobile phones are together then they give us security in a way. Especially girls who are alone and go out, they can call people they know at any time and can ask for more help if they feel threatened.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phone – Disadvantages of Mobile Phone in Hindi

As every coin has 2 sides. We have known so far that there are only benefits from mobile phones. But it is also true that mobiles have many disadvantages. Whose information is also important to keep.

  • There are some boys and girls who use mobile phones excessively. And they are engaged in mobile day and night. Attention works on writing studies. They are so addicted to mobile phones that they have nothing to do with real life. In this way, he is unable to write his studies and concentrate on his career.
  • Continuous use of mobile phones has a bad effect on people’s health. A lot of radiation goes inside the body throughout the day and causes a lot of damage. Even people keep their mobiles around their heads while sleeping.
  • Often people have such a habit that they use the phone even while driving. Which is very dangerous.
  • in our mobile phone Internet And money has to be spent to use the call and the cost also increases.
  • Nowadays, in mobile, we keep all our data even personal information. If ever the mobile is lost or stolen, then people get the feeling of getting out of the body.
  • Due to continuous use of mobile, such an effect people start having trouble sleeping.

in short

friends today you What is Mobile (What is Mobile phone in Hindi) How did you like the information? Today you must have understood that what are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones? It is difficult to live life today if there is no mobile phone. Better than taking the example of others, try it yourself once and see how long you can live without a mobile phone. The journey from the initial mobile to today’s developed mobile has been very long but this journey will never stop. With time, new changes will keep happening. Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile phones in Hindi Through this we have now come to know that mobile phones are beneficial for us in many ways. But it is also important to know what are its disadvantages. Friends, if you liked this post, then definitely share it on social media.


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