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Saturday, 25 December 2021

What is a Privacy Policy Page and Why is it Important? bitcoin4buying Paisa News

If you have recently started your career in blogging, then you must have heard about it. What is Privacy Policy Page,

Maybe you must have got some information about this, but still if there is any kind of doubt, then this post is for you only.

When we start a website, through this we reach people and provide them information that is why we have to tell the visitors associated with our block about the policies and privacy policy of our blog, for which we have to visit the privacy policy page is needed.

After all, why is it needed in every blog and website and how to make it?

If you have come here looking for answers to all these questions, then it is a good thing because you will get the answer of every question here.

The main reason for making a website is to earn money and if someone does business then it is easy for him to spread the business through the website. But every company has some policy which it is mandatory to follow and under which that company works.

In the previous post we talked about What is Disclaimer Page And why is it necessary for the website and how to make it? In today’s post we will know that What is Privacy Policy Page and how to make it, So let’s start without delay.

What is Privacy Policy Page – What is Privacy Policy Page in Hindi?

Privacy is very important for the visitors of our blog. Every blogger understands this very well. Through the Privacy Policy page, we, as a blogger, tell our visitors what information we collect and keep safe.

These Privacy Policy pages apply to all visitors who visit our pages. Whether it is a subscriber to our blog or a new visitor.

Through this page, we assure every visitor that every information they have given is safe and is also with privacy.

Why is a Privacy Policy Page necessary?

  • It is most important for any website that it gets the approval of Google Adsense.
  • This is possible only when all the pages mentioned by Google are present in the website / blog. One of those pages is also a page of Privacy Policy.
  • When we make our website completely, apply for Google Adsense. So Google checks our website completely, and also sees all the necessary pages.
  • If there is not a single page in it, then Google Adsense does not approve us, but disapproves it.
  • By following the instructions given by Google, the ranking of the website is good, in which the importance of these pages is also very high.
  • Whenever you go to any website, you must have got the Privacy Policy page.
  • Along with this, even if you would have installed any software, you would have been given to read the Privacy Policy.
  • Through the Privacy Policy Page, every visitor who comes to our blog / website gets confidence in our website / blog and this is very important for our blog.
  • Through this, we also give instruction to our visitors that what rules they have to follow in the blog? Apart from this, it also tells what they should not do.

What is to be written inside the Privacy Policy Page?

  1. First of all, let us say that we are fully aware of the privacy of our visitors.
  2. And we also follow this for those visitors who are new and also for those who are old Subscribers.
  3. We give great importance to the privacy of every information given by visitors and keep them secure.
  4. All the ads that come in our website can be seen by opening them only on their own free will.
  5. When visiting any other website, follow the privacy policy there.
  6. We also tell what Activity Allowed inside our website to the people visiting the website/blog.
  7. Apart from this, there are also some rules which they have to follow.
  8. If someone uses bad words in Visitor Comment, then we can also delete their comments.
  9. If a link to an external website has been inserted, which is spam or infected, then we can delete it.
  10. If our Visitor needs any kind of help then how can we help them. We also tell them here.
  11. The name of the website also shows All Rights Reserved Copyright and Current Year.

How to Create a Privacy Policy Page

  • First of all we need to create a website From where we will generate this page.
  • When the homepage of this website opens, we have to click on Free Utilities under Site Activities.
  • And go to the next page.For creating Privacy Policy Page WTechni 1
  • Inside this page, we will find the Privacy Policy under the Disclaimer Builder, click on it.
For creating Privacy Policy Page WTechni 2
  • After clicking on Privacy Policy, we will get a form in the next page that will open.
  • You fill it as I tell you.
For creating Privacy Policy Page WTechni 3
  1. Site Name: Whatever name you have named your website, write it in the first box.
  2. Email Address: If you have a company, then add your company’s website to it.
  3. Site’s Intended Age Range: In this, fill in whether your website is only for Over 18 Age people or is it common for Under 18 people or if it is common for everyone, then leave Exclude Clause only.
  4. Feedback: Give Feedback in this box about this website, how is its service to generate page? In this simply you write that this utility is very helpful.
  5. Your Email Address: Enter your personal email address in this.
For creating Privacy Policy Page WTechni 4

After this we just have to click on Make My Privacy and our page will be ready.

Now we can make it a Privacy Policy Page on the website made in both WordPress and Blogger.

How to Create a Privacy Policy Page for a WordPress Blog

  • To create a Privacy Policy page in the WordPress website, we have to go to the Dashboard.
  • Now go to Pages and click on Add New page.
WordPress me Disclaimer aur privacy policy page create kare
  • Here in the title we have to write the Privacy Policy and select the Text Mode.
  • After this, we have to paste the Privacy Policy of the content generated here.
  • Just now after this we will click on Publish.
  • In this way our Privacy Policy page is ready for WordPress website.
Privacy Policy of WordPress website

How to Add Privacy Policy Page to Blogger Website

  • Open Blogger’s Dashboard and click on Pages.
  • After this, if you click on New Page, then the option to create a new page will come.
blogger me new page create karna disclaimer aur privacy policy ke lie
  • Now we will write Privacy Policy in Title and select HTML Mode.
  • After that, we will paste the content of the privacy policy that we have generated in the content area.
  • After this our work has been completed, so we will now just click on Publish.
privacy policy page blogger

in short

Along with giving our visitor information, it is also important to take care of their security because some websites collect the information of the visitor visiting their site, which is not liked by every visitor.

You must have seen some website in the form of your popup window, which gives a message about allowing cookies and asks permission from you. If you trust that website, then you press the Allow button, but if that site is not for you, then you ignore it.

did you go today What is Privacy Policy Page, You must have known very well that after all for blog How to Create Privacy Policy Page? And they must have understood that Why is this necessary?

I hope you liked this post, if you found this post helpful, then definitely share it with other bloggers so that they also know its importance. Share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp as much as possible.